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YouTube is a video sharing website that allows billions of people to watch and discover originally-created videos. Anyone with an YouTube account can upload an unlimited number of videos and watch posted videos for free. All the features added to the website are also available to the user for no cost. Aside from watching videos a registered user is allowed many opportunities to interact with other users of YouTube. These interactions include commenting on videos, responding to comments, sharing videos on other social media sites, making playlists, and the ability to “like” or “dislike” a video. YouTube has created a form for which anyone with a camera and an internet connection can produce a video for the world to see.



In 2005 there was an explosion in photo and video sharing websites which inclduded both expensive and inexpensive means to share. Three individuals noticed there wasn’t an easy way to share video information and from that realization YouTube was born. YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, on which users can upload, view and share videos. YouTube displays a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. Since 2005 YouTube has evolved has an internet resource for business and students alike. Many posts now include advertisements for products and services, video tutorials, and video promotions.


Youtube gained popularity quickly and in November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion, and now operates as a subsidiary of Google.


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YouTube Homepage
YouTube Homepage


This YouTube feature was designed to allow you to watch large volumes of video footage on YouTube by tailoring to your likes without you having to click a button. These features serves up other videos based on previously viewed videos hence the word “leanback” and just enjoy your video viewing experience without having to search for new videos to view.


Have you ever wanted to create your own playlist of your favorite music, but doing it on your own was too time consuming? The feature known as Disco allows a YouTube user to search for ones favorite band or artist and automatically created a playlist of all your favorites. It allows you to get free music and hours of endless listening pleasure.

YouTube Charts Homepage
YouTube Charts Homepage


Searching through the vast amount of videos that YouTube has to offer can sometimes be very time consuming, well all you have to do is bookmark the page and YouTube has a feature called charts that allows you set up a chart system that shows the videos that have the most views and the highest ratings. These can then be viewed by day, month, or even by the best of the best. This feature allows you to view the newest content more efficiently without wasting time with an endless search.


YouTube is full of many different types of video to offer for you viewing pleasure. One type you might have seen is the animation videos. YouTube has this handy feature that allows your own animated video in short amount of time. It allows you create a video without needing a camera or having to upload your own files and then edit to your liking.


The editor feature that YouTube offers has eliminated the work of doing offline video editing before uploading your video to YouTube. With this feature you simply click on the Editor and it allows you to add new effects such as different transitions and cropping your video. A bonus of this feature is that is also allows you to choose from a vast YouTube library of preapproved songs to add to your video and not to mention legally.

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YouTube has been faced with much criticism over the offensive content some of its videos possess. The uploading of videos containing defamation, pornography, and material that encourage criminal behavior is strictly prohibited by YouTube's terms of service. YouTube relies on its vast majority of users to flag and report such inappropriate videos which are then reviewed by a YouTube employee to determine whether the video goes against the site’s terms of service.

Business Uses


As time moves forward there is more dependency on technology in the way our society conducts business. YouTube is a great platform and tool for the advertisement of a product, good, or service at very little cost. Spending time in social media is essential for any business and YouTube is a great way to spend time informing current customers or advertising to future customers.

Shrink Distance and Interact with Shareholders

A business can use YouTube to interact with employees on a more personal level. A business can upload meetings, presentations, speeches, or special events to the company page for other employees to view. To shrink the distance, executive staff can use YouTube as a means to introduce themselves to current or perspective employees. In an effort to increase shareholder relationship with a company, that company can upload videos of shareholder meetings or anything else onto their page for the shareholders to view at their convenience.

Marketing and Advertising

Over a billion sets of eyes see YouTube every month which makes YouTube an ideal venue to set up a marketing and advertising strategy. Businesses can use YouTube to inform current or future customers about a product or skill, post clips that allow an individual to “tour” the company, and upload videos of customer testimonials. Since anyone can post a video at no cost YouTube is an ideal place for social media advertisement. .

Customer Service

Currently there are hundreds of video tutorials posted on YouTube. A business can use YouTube to post "how to" videos to help assist customers with frequently asked questions. YouTube has great video editing technology so the company can make the video more interactive by adding captions to the video. Use YouTube's comment section to leave additional comments and answer user questions. This is also a great place to post links to other videos that may also be of assistance to your customers.

Personal Uses

YouTube provides an endless amount of personal use for an individual. Once you have created your own page you can contribute to the YouTube community by posting your own video or if you prefer to simply be a user, once you have created your page you begin subscribing to other uses whose videos you enjoy watching. You can interact with other users by commenting on videos, “like” or “dislike” a video, search related videos on a topic, and generate playlists.


YouTube is an ideal way for a business to get involved in social media and to reach out to current or potential customers in an inexpensive way. Youtube is user-friendly and easy to set up so it will allow for quick and easy access to customers. For personal use YouTube is a great resource for students to find tutorial videos or to seek out instructions on just about any topic.

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