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What is WebERP

ERP, enterprise resource planning, is a system in which information is managed throughout a company. It integrates figures from finance/accounting, as they relate to manufacturing, sales, customer statistics, etc.

WebERP, as opposed to different types of ERP, provides this service completely on the internet. It is open source and is constantly evolving to meet current business needs. They are well suited for small to medium sized enterprises.

WebERP has a growing number of clients and users. The WebERP software is downloaded thousands of times each month. The most current version, 4.05, was released on July 27 2011. It boasts many features, not limited to:

   * 100% web-based. No software installation necessary.
   * Usable in many modern web-enabled devices.
   * Produces PDF, with utf-8 compliance.
   * Pages can be protected with SSL and HTTPS.
   * Seamless order entry: cumulative settings, many dispatches from a single order.
   * Configurable tax rates, with country usage, and programmed warehouse controls
   * Accounts receivable features include comprehensive customer account inquiry.
   * Programmable sales analysis reports, and printable invoices.
   * Inventory databases, with automatic back ordering.
   * Plus many other applications in purchasing, accounts payable, banking, ledgers, etc.

History of WebERP

ERP, itself, started in 1990. WebERP was founded nine years ago in 2003, as when it became an open source software, among many software developers.

It was rudimentary in its very beginning. The early software had preliminary coding for its pdf features. It had inconsistent language and scripting issues.

However, between late 2004 and mid 2005, several programmers had entered the fray, and WebERP development grown as a result. A lighter and more efficient Java coding was implemented to handle user transactions. PHP was utilized and proved to be less buggy than previous Java versions.

In another momentous landmark in WebERP development, in July 2007, coders implemented compatibility with the ever popular MySQL.

Mid 2009, releasing version 3.10.2, WebERP introduced geo-mapping for customers and suppliers, via Google Maps. It also provided a much demanded CRM functionality.

The current release is version 4.05.

Using WebERP

The WebERP Demo, on the WebERP website allows you to tour the numberous features on a sample ERP system.

A FAQ and Help Guide is also available to all users.

Descriptive guide on how to install WebERP on a server
The Inventory Control feature on WebERP


According to download trends on the SourceFourge Developer's Site, WebERP is enjoying a growing number of users.

It is becoming more and more an attractive alternative, to other costly ERP implementations. It is easy to use and easy to access. The system is run on minimum bandwidth, which allows for use in mobile devices, as well as PC's.

It is open source, therefore IT professionals can easily develop it to their needs. And, it perfectly exemplifies the upcoming trend in Cloud_Computing.


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