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About Tencent QQ

Tencent QQ is a computer software application that provides you an internet-based instant messaging (IM) platform. Its various features including text messaging, group chat, video and voice chat, as well as online/offline file sharing. As of May 2012, the active QQ users accounts for QQ IM amounted to 750 million.

QQ History

Tencent was founded in Nov 1998 by Huateng Ma, Zhidong Zhang, Chenye Xu, Yidan Chen and Liqing Zeng in Shenzheng, China. Three months later, it launched instant messaging service-QQ. As of 2001, the company became China’s first profitable Internet corporation. Since founded, Tencent developed and expand quickly. In Jun 2004, the company was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchnge. Later, QQ.com became the No.1 portal in China by pageviews and userviews and Qzone became the No.1 social network in China. In the recent years, QQ expanded internationally and released a multi-language supported version which is available for users from different countries. As of Sep 2012, Tencent is the largest internet Company in China and 3rd largest in the world by market cap, after Google and Amazon.

Basic Features of QQ

Most of QQ’s basic functions are similar to MSN’s, such as mailbox, text messaging, group chat, voice and video chat, etc.

To use the Tencent QQ, first you need to download and install the software to your PC or laptop from the QQ homepage, http://www.imqq.com . Then you must create your own QQ account. To create your account, simply provide some of personal information, e-mail address, username (QQ name) and a password.

After you active your account and receive your QQ number, you can log in your QQ to set up your profile. Next, you can add friends based on their QQ numbers or their QQ names. After your friends accept your request and add you as a friend as well, you can start chat with your friends.

Special Features of QQ

QQMusic is the largest online music platform in China. Users can have a good experience here with the latest popular music, customized design, massive music albums, rich background music, music sharing and other community services

WeChat (Weixin in Chinese) Tencent launched WeChat, a mobile phone application in late 2011. It provides users numerous features like voice chat, video call, moments, emotions, shake, look around, drift bottle, etc. As of Sep 2012, WeChat’s registered users increased to 200 million.

QQShow is a virtual QQ avatars system (a little bit similar to Second Life) and a digital fashion platform in the virtual world. Users can choose different clothing, hairstyles, scenes and accessories to dress up their avatars.

Tencent launched its multi-media social networking service Qzone in 2005. It is the same as a blog. It includes three major content categories: self-expression, content sharing and peer interaction. In China, Qzone is the No.1 social network.

Tencent introduced its own game platform in August 2003. Recently, QQ Game became the largest casual game community platform in the world, with over 4.8 million players and over 70 different games.

Tencent QQ for Business Use

For business users, Tencent launched three special features: QQ Enterprise, Tencent Messenger (TM), and Real Time eXchange (RTX). QQ Enterprise is an instant messaging system that is in favor of businesses with massive QQ user base. It provides a safety, stable and effective communication platform for corporations. Compare to QQ Enterprise, TM shields advertisements and spams, strengths security, transmits files at high speed and provides video and voice call and remote assistance services. RTX contains several different real-time communication tools, which are suitable for users in different office environments and different situations.

Recent Expansion and Future Development

Currently, Tencent plan to expand its video games abroad. Before implement this strategy, Tencent invested in several pre-existing online game manufacturers. It invested in Riot Games in the U.S. in 2011 and invested in Epic Games in the U.S. 6 months ago. These investment experiences establish the foundation for Tencent’s expansion plan. In addition, one of QQ’s major competitors, MSN, will not provide services in the world except in China. This good news will decrease the competition when Tencent expand abroad.


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QQ Homepage: http://www.imqq.com

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